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  • Broader customer reach
  • Reach to new customers
  • No customer is missed
  • Online payment facility
  • Eliminates human error
  • Offer and promotions will reach the right target
  • Extra income without increasing the over heads
  • By publishing menu and profile can attract more customers
  • Reviews about your restaurant

Why is your holistic food solutions partner which helps you to increase your reach and presence online. Clubbing the concept of food guide and online ordering we have taken a unique approach which ensures a broader customer reach and an increased revenue model for your hotel/restaurant. You can target your campaigns and offers to a much higher audience at no extra cost, get insights and reviews of foodies and pick up on the latest trends that is rocking the restaurant industry. Listed for more than 1500 keywords on the top of major search engines yummybay's dedicated SEO team ensures that you have a strong presence on the internet. Moreover your listing is absolutely free on Sign up now and enjoy the benefits of


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